Cochise County

Your neighbors have a plan to secure a water-sufficient future for your children's children, and they need your participation.

The problem: corporate agriculture

has been sweeping through our valleys unabated since 2003, threatening the groundwater needed by small and medium ranchers, farmers, and gardeners, as well as residents of Cochise County.

Cochise County

An end to industrial mining of groundwater

We want corporate operations like the mega-feedlot in Kansas Settlement to drill like their grandchildren would want to live in Cochise County.

Many Great Efforts

are currently afoot to save and preserve the most precious natural resource in Cochise County: the groundwater. All these activities are good, but if this is all we do, we probably won’t achieve our goal.

Cochise County

We’re Building Something new

Your neighbors have a campaign with a demand: Everyday people have the right, the intelligence, and the ability to improve their lives through communal struggle. We’re taking our demand directly to the corporate water wasters.

Learn more

Working to save the groundwater of Cochise County is not a spectator sport—your participation is vital. Contribute two hours a week--mostly talking to people you already know. Read and sign the Majority Action Pledge here. Stay in touch!

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